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Insights for Success

A Seminar Program for Individual and Organizational Empowerment

Insights for Success is an empowering one-day or one and one-half day seminar program for management and staff. Participants learn how to deal effectively and positively with those situations that they experience as barriers to their success; such as motivation, self-esteem, race, gender, etc. The seminar encourages solutions, which empower employees and assists them in becoming fully motivated to achieve their professional potential through the establishment of a successful state of mind. As a result of the program, participants acquire the necessary information and skills to transcend issues which prevent the full realization of teamwork and accomplishment of their goals.

The key points of the presentation are responsibility, empowerment, and success. The seminar is designed to accomplish the following specific objectives:
  • To identify and eliminate counterproductive beliefs that serve as limitations to success in the workplace.
  • To show how an individual can play a greater role in determining his or her professional development and success in their organization through expanded personal empowerment.
  • To provide the opportunity for participants to acquire a successful mental attitude by putting into practice the five-step success process.
  • To present strategies and an action-implementation plan to participants, which will ensure success in achieving their goals.

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