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Tick Tock!...Who Broke the Clock? — The Power of Work-Life Integration®

Work-Life Integration® is living your most important life activities, in a timely manner, without regard to whether it is personal or professional. It is a radically different approach to achieving the quality and balance we desire in a 24/7 world. The essence of this approach is the realization that work and personal responsibilities
cannot be conveniently separated, in practice. A basic premise of this paradigm is “don’t attempt to manage time, learn to manage your most important activities.

Your most important activities are those that are congruent with your innermost values — those values that are enduring over your lifetime. The key here is learning to balance short-term professional aspirations, such as wealth, title, reputation, position, advancement, etc., with those enduring personal values, such as quality of family life, the well-being of one’s self, or contribution to the growth and welfare of others. In order to achieve this balance, each of us must make a “crucial decision” that will appear to have significant consequences with respect to our professional goals and/or personal relationships. This decision is commonly the breakthrough that is necessary to create the quality of life we desire. The objectives of the program are to:

1. Make an assessment of the present state-of-your-life and the reason for this assessment.
2. Learn how to resolve work-life dilemmas involving career aspirations and personal values.
3. Rewrite the script of your life to be congruent with your innermost values.
4. Learn guidelines for managing your life that result in the quality and balance you desire.

The key element in the achieving the quality and balance you desire is your willingness to confront and resolve a work-life situation that might have undesirable consequences. The program is highly interactive and involves paired and team exercises, which focuses on experiential learning. Each participant is provided the opportunity to create a breakthrough learning experience leading to work-life integration. The Power of Work-Life Integration® can be presented as a keynote speech, conference workshop, or an organizational seminar. This presentation is based upon a co-authored book, “Tick Tock!...Who Broke the Clock? Solving the Work-Life Balance Equation” by Warren Woods and William A. Guillory.

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